Thursday, June 5, 2008

Service Learning

For my independent service hours I did two different things.
One of the things that i did for my independent hours was I trained to be a per mediator. Students from Drexel law school came and trained about twenty students how to be per mediators. This will later help the school in preventing physical altercations because the per mediation will help students who are having disputes work through them.
The other half of my independent hours were helping at an elementary school fair. At the fair I help serve food, and did arts & crafts with the children. Both experiences were great because i truly believe with the per mediation we can really improve the enviorment of the school and with the school fair i know i helped in making the children have a good time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Service Learning

In the community giving group we discussed:

• What issues needed to be addressed
• What part of the community needed to be helped
• How we would help the community

Three things that we could improve on in our service learning group is:

• Stop talking over each other
• Stay on topic
• Learn to agree to disagree

There are no questions that I have about the role that I play in my group because we have yet to assign roles

The one site that relates to the mission of the group is the CHOP volunteer website because we were suppose to research a topic that had something to do with community giving and I believe that if we volunteer a CHOP that would be the perfect community giving.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bloom's Taxonomy Q & A

1. Q: Who was it that killed the rat?

A: Bigger Thomas.

2. Q: Who spoke to bigger about scaring his sister with the dead rat?

A: Mrs. Thomas.

3. Q: What could have happened if bigger and his friends had stolen from Mr. Blum?

A: Bigger and his friends could have been arrested and possibly hurt for robbing a caucasian.

4. Q: What could have been another possible outcome of Bigger killing Mary?

A: He could have possibly gotten away with it.

5. Q: From the information found in the book could you make a set of instructions on how survive the 1920's.

A: n/a

6. Q: Is there a better solution then petting Bigger in jail for the murders?

A: Yes he needs a serious medical evaluation because there is something seriously wrong with him

NHD Reflection

Process Paper

The NHD project that our group choose is the 1963 church bombing at the 16th street Baptist church in Birmingham, Alabama. This was not the first topic that the group came up with but was a more interesting topic. A friend told the group of a bombing that happened in the south that involved four little girls and the group thought that it would be the perfect topic for our NHD project.

The most important source that our used for our NHD project was a post card that the church sent us about the bombing. The group also used news articles and even watched a documentary on the topic.

The hardest part of NHD was working in a group. Through lack of communication there were many bumps in the road to getting our NHD project finished. The way that we got the group back together was having group meetings on the daily bases so that we would always be on the same page.

The project type that the group choose was exhibit. The group knew that it would be a challenging type of project to do, but we were up for it. The board consists of pictures, captions, and a thesis. The colors we choose to go on the board were black, red, orange, and yellow. The reason those colors were chosen because they really went well with the theme of the board.

The conflict of our board is the bombing and a racial connection to the KKK during the civil rights movement. This shows the connection between our project and NHD. Our project shows that the bombing that acquired on September 15th, 1963 at 10:22 still matters. Our project also shows that even through time the event will never be forgotten and neither will the four little girls who died in the bombing.